2003-2008 Gen III Hemi Moly Skirt Floating Pistons / Rings 5.7L Dodge Jeep Chrysler

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  • Fits 2003-2008 5.7L HEMI
  • Includes 8 Floating Pistons
  • Complete Rings Set
  • Moly Skirt Coating 

When it comes to rebuilding your engine, Khaos Motorsports brings a quality you can trust.Our replacement piston include moly skirt coating for smooth and quiet operation and a unique anodized top ring land to prevent ring land breakage, micro welding, and improve heat transfer .Our piston rings are precision lapped too ensure a perfectly round profile. The roundness and fit are tested in a ring gauge. If light escapes between the face of the ring and the perfectly round ring gauge, the piston ring is not “light tight” and is rejected. Modern ring face coatings and material treatments like nitriding are much harder than older design cast iron rings, and are sometimes problematic to break in. Our processing ensures a smooth ring face profile that requires no ring face “break in.”  Steel nitrided top rings seal almost immediately and show minimum wear under extreme circumstances. Steel top ring material stands up to extreme heat of power adders.Our ductile second ring provides a unique napier design to control oil and prevent contamination.The oil control rings provide maximum drain back capacity, low tension sealing and simple installation. 

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