05-12 Hemi Throttle Body Adapter Plug

Air Delivery



  • Adapts Old Style Plug to Fit New Throttle Body Plug
  • Plug and Play, No Tuning Needed!
  • Fits Multiple 2005-2012 Hemi Vehicles Equipped With OEM Part # 4591847AA, 4591847AB, 4591847AC 

If you were wondering how to fit our Ported OEM Throttle Body on your 2005-2012 HEMI powered vehicle, here is your answer! This wiring adapter will allow you connect your old style plug to the newer throttle body plug. This requires no tuning and will work on day one! Some 2012 Vehicles did come with the updated throttle body, so please check your vehicles throttle body to confirm it is needed. If you have any questions for this item or any of our others, feel free to send us a message.

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