2-1/4" / 2.25" Universal Over Axle Exhaust Kit

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  • 2 Mandrel Bent Pipes to obtain desired fitment
  • Ends are expanded for easy installation with clamps or for welding
  • 2 45 Degree Mandrel Bends
  • 1 90 Degree Mandrel Bend
  • Approx 28.5" Long
  • 5.75" Bend
Grab yourself a mandrel bent exhaust kit from Khaos Motorsports today! A mandrel is placed inside the pipe as it is clamped and pulled around a die. This ensures that there is no loss to air flow. Better airflow means improved gas mileage and more horsepower! This is a perfect item if you are fabricating your own custom exhaust. Be sure to check out our store for more great exhaust and automotive components!

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