Eaton LSA Supercharger Coupler and Oil Kit Compatible With Camaro/Cadillac/Corvette Khaos Motorsports…

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This solid supercharger isolator fits LSA Engines that are 2009 and newer in both the CTS-V and Camaro ZL1. The stock isolator contains a spring mechanism and, is infamous for noise and a short service life. This spring mechanism in the original isolator wears a groove in your supercharger shaft, producing debris that will cause shaft seal failure. The New Solid Isolator is a direct replacement for stock unit. The new isolator is not susceptible to failure or fatigue. It is CNC machined from a solid piece, Made in the USA Kit includes everything you need to change the oil in your supercharger. It is recommended you change your supercharger oil every 30,000 miles. If you have a aftermarket pulley it is recommended to be changed every 10,000 miles. Use the included syringe to suck out the used oil. Most superchargers take approximately 6 ounces of oil.

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