Mid Muffler Delete Kit Dodge Challenger / Charger SRT Hellcat Round Muffler

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  • Two(2) 2.75" 14 gauge Aluminized Steel Tubes Flared to 2.75" ID On Each End 
  • Four(4) 2.75" U-Bolt Clamps
  • Fits Dodge SRT Vehicles equipped with round muffler
  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • All Hardware Included

Give your Hellcat a more aggressive growl with a Muffler Delete Kit from Khaos Motorsports. Dodge did make a great sounding 700+ horsepower car, we're just doing our part on improving it. With a mid muffler delete kit you not only improve the sound, but airflow as well. Dodges love air so any way you can get out of your engine faster helps. This kit is a quick install and easy enough to be done in your driveway. Cut out your factory mufflers and replace with our tubes and attach them with the included clamps. This is a 35-45 minute install that anyone can do. There are no hangers or welding! If you have any questions about this or any of our other delete kits be sure to reach out to us, as we are all about the customer!

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