Resonator Delete Kit / Tail Pipes Dodge Charger Chrysler 300 5.7L 2011-2014/ Pursuit 2012-18

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You can feel that Hemi power, but you can't hear it! Tired of the Mustang pulling up next to you and reving it up, while you've got nothing? Have no fear the answer is here! We've put together a kit to give your car some bark! Dodge decided to put 6 mufflers on these cars, now it's time to get rid of 2. This is a inexpensive way to let your beast be heard! This listing is for 2 mandrel bent pipes and clamps to replace your rear resonators. Just cut out your resonators and clamp these in using the stock exhaust hangers. Be sure to check with us often as we will be soon offering other kits for your Hemi powered vehicle. Made in the USA

This part fits stock automatic transmission with true dual exhaust and 2.25" diameter pipe

This Kit Includes:

1 Driver Side Tail Pipe With Hangers
1 Passenger Side Tail Pipe With Hangers
2 2.25" Clamps

Installation Instructions: click link below

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