Router Aluminum Through Box Joint / finger joint 1/2 - 1/4 Jig Template 6061 USA

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NEW and improved ALUMINUM finger joint / box joint jig template. Easily mounts to a wood block on your workbench or to a free standing upright base. 

An easy to use, inexpensive tool for making classic through  joint that is the hallmark of fine craftsmanship. Made of 6061 aluminum and cuts either 1/2" wide or 1/4" wide. For stock thickness of 1/2" to 7/8" (max). There is no limit to the length of board you can box joint, 

 By shifting the jig, you can create variable spaced or extra wide joints. 

Specs and details;


1/2" fingers  1" on center

1/4" fingers  1/2" on center

  • Through finger joint / box joint Template - 15" 3/4 Long x 4" 3/4 Wide x 1/4" Tall, solid precision cut aluminum. 
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